The press conference Feburary 8, 2011 where Mayor Dickert gave 1.2million dollars to Delta Hawk to produce engines in the City of Racine WI. Was this a good investment at the time? What is this claw back Mayor Dickert? Is the City of Racine investing wisely with City funds? What are the future investments the City of Racine are about to make?


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    March 20,2013 from The JT


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    March 20,2013 from The JT


    March 20,2013 from The JT


    March 20,2013 from The JT


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Racine Transparency

Racine Country Supervisor Monte Osterman Speaks on transparency, When his own company collected $89,000 dollars on the city hall bathrooms. That's over 20% of the total outlay of $433,000 spent on the city hall bathrooms. Hey Monte what about all the granite around the roundabout? care to talk about that? or wait the granite on monument square.


     The City of Racine is responsible for providing very important services to citizens, such as social services, public utilities, police services, and fire security. Citizens, therefore, have a strong interest in ensuring this public money and property, as well as services upon which they depend, are managed as efficiently and effectively as possible. This requires taking precautions against activities that cause widespread government waste and inefficiency.

     With that being said in public service, the pursuit of self interest at the expense of the public's interest is fundamentally an ethics issue. Ethics is what one ought to do, regardless if any laws were broken. Today there seems to be an organized culture of corruption and tolerance of corruption existing in the City of Racine. Elected and appointed officials are putting themselves ahead of the public interest with profound lack of transparency if not downright deception.

What are the Circumstances?

     The lack of transparency starts at city hall. Open records request that are received from the public are delayed or manipulated into a misunderstanding of what information the citizen is asking for. Exorbitant costs for documents hinder citizens requesting information from their local government. One such example the Assistant City Attorney Nicole Loop, was asked for public records by Thomas Holmes, the owner of Park 6 Bar, pertaining to side agreements on other bars. He was told the cost for the records could cost up to $75,000 dollars. However, Alderman Mozol made the same request at a public safety and license meeting and received the same documents at no cost within one week. Is not Attorney Loop a servant of the city? Is there not an ethical standard set by the city or at the very least an ethical standard set by the Wisconsin Bar Association?

     Another example was an officially received and notarized documents submitted by a citizen regarding a donation to car-25, the local cable access channel. These documents were removed from every alderman's desk and placed in the trash and then the discussion item was removed from the Common Council agenda and never acted upon. Another incident pertaining to a sworn and received statement from a citizen requesting a due process on Allsports Bar and a review of their liquor license. The official document was never given to the Public Safety and License committee for response. But the committee voted to give a new license to the bartender and new owner of the bar, even after several incidents occurred such as; attempted murder, injury to an officer, fights, narcotics, assaults, etc. However, Alderman Helding and former Police Chief Whalen requested a due process hearing as private citizens on minority bars with much less problems and receive full cooperation of the city legal department and full access of the Racine Police Department.

     There were hand delivered letters to the city attorney and head of common council (Ald. Jim Kaplan) requesting that the RFP process of Car -25 be examined, and questions were raised by Attorney Timothy Hawks of Hawks and Quindel. The city council members were not given the opportunity to see or even review the letter. By law or if not ethically, shouldn't the alderman be given the opportunity to use their own judgment in areas they are to serve. Or are the alderman afraid of the leadership, or is it the lack of understanding of public service laws.

     Another bidding process for the removal of a building in the uptown area of Racine resulted in the claims of unfair treatment of contractors in the bidding process. Official documents and specifications are manipulated to fit the circumstances. A well respected local contractor speaks out to clarify the issue only to be told to mind his own business and this subjects him to ridicule of his reputation.

     More examples of lack of transparency and corruption in local government will be examined in future writings. There is an emerging problem of public trust in the City of Racine. There seems to be a tolerance for corruption with our city officials. Most recently a new ordinance was instituted in The City of Racine where as the elected officials can carry guns under state law in public building where citizens cannot. Whatever happen to a sit down with the citizens, a forum explaining issues. Has it gone so far as to not be able to discuss budgets, processes used by the city, committee of the whole meeting, or is lack of transparency and cover up the true Racine. If what Alderman Kaplan said is true   "The ban is an alternative to having police officers at city meetings." And Alderman Mozol stated, " The gunman didn’t target any spectators, he targeted the people up here," If this is the attitude of our governing body transparency is the least of this city's problem.





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0 #3 Wayne Clingman 2013-04-15 19:25
From the messages I have been getting, folks I talk to, looks like to me the Rats are getting upset about what this and others are talking about.
If/when the FBI comes to town or The State Department of Justice, who will be the first to flip? Who might be going to jail from the resulting grand jury?
+1 #2 Sir Tasty 2013-04-15 19:19
Racine has become an entirely corrupt city under Dickert and these fools you have for a common council. Take a look around? What have they done correctly? How is your city moving forward? Dickert sued the city he represents, what more needs to be said? Just wait until the real dirt about Dickert starts to come out, lets see who his friends will be then? Buckle up folks, it's about to get real interesting!
+1 #1 Scott E. 2013-04-15 14:38
The City of Racine has ceased to function properly, as the goal of City Hall, under John Dickert, has been to use tax revenues to fund family and friends. He has placed Insiders like the Nicholsons, LeGaths, Ostermans, Waters, Christies, and other select friends into positions of power. In these positions, they vote their own private interests and agenda - against the actual needs of the City - and so Fire, Police, Public Works, Water, and Sewer are all cannibalized and used to ensure a continual flow of funds family and friends. The finances of the City have been destroyed - and it's future is questionable. Bankruptcy, which would allow the dumping of all prior contracts, will be necessary - as the current path and debt are not sustainable.

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