The press conference Feburary 8, 2011 where Mayor Dickert gave 1.2million dollars to Delta Hawk to produce engines in the City of Racine WI. Was this a good investment at the time? What is this claw back Mayor Dickert? Is the City of Racine investing wisely with City funds? What are the future investments the City of Racine are about to make?


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    March 20,2013 from The JT


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    March 20,2013 from The JT


    March 20,2013 from The JT


    March 20,2013 from The JT


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1.2 Million on Delta Hawk. Was it a Good Investment?

From: Racine JT February 10, 2011


Thursday the Redevelopment Authority of Racine unanimously approved DeltaHawk's request for $1.2 million in low-interest loans, over three years, in exchange for creating at least 100 new jobs.


The loan, from an economic development fund, can become partially or even totally forgivable if the company surpasses 100 new jobs. City Development Director Brian O'Connell said $10,715 will be sliced off the principal for every job created past 100.


The state Department of Commerce will provide $720,000 in loans to DeltaHawk.


JT: October 02, 2012


On Thursday, DeltaHawk officials demonstrated their engine before about 40 to 50 Chinese investors outside the Discovery Center in Milwaukee. The full group, named PiYi, consists of about 100 Chinese investors representing a pool of about $1 billion,


The company seeks another $5 million in investment money. That amount, Smiley said, “gets us into production” of the initial, four-cylinder engine. That amount would also finish development of that engine, get it FAA-certified and begin development of the next engine, a V-8.


Aviation Blog Site:


DH has been "moving forward" for longer than it took to land on the moon (literally). This is a classic case of an under-managed, under-funded company trying to eek out a path as a mom & pop in a "3-ultra" environment (ultra capital-intensive, ultra high-risk, ultra low-volume).


One need look no further than the challenges experienced by Eggenfellner and Thielert using proven engines designed, built and supported by $multibillion manufacturers with millions of engines in the field. The experience of DeltaHawk illustrates the monumental challenge of giving birth to a clean-sheet engine design, let alone in an unforgiving environment such as aviation.


DH is proof that "simple" is anything but.


That being said, I am hopeful that someone will rescue the company from itself .... despite the inherently nasty vibration profiles of V4 configuration, the concept is the most viable among all new purpose-built power plants in light recip aviation.


As for DH being ready for installation on RV's or anything else, steer clear. There are many years of testing ahead....assuming they make it that far. DH will surely fade into history (soon) unless it is acquired by a large well-funded company familiar with the peculiar travails of aviation. Until owners/management of DH come to grips with the situation, DH will languish until it dies from starvation of capital and loss of credibility, one of which is curable, the other is not.





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